Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Worship Leaders Prayer

Our Father,

Than you for making every person
an essential part of your Church and your purpose!
Thank you for giving us Spirit-born passions
and the power and the gifts of your Spirit to fulfill our part.
Thank you for calling everyone to play!

We praise you for the privilege of celebrating you
in the community of saints;
You are not only good, but all good and only good-
And we worship you!

Please forgive us when we presume our roles are more important than others,
for bending into soulless entertaining,
and for confusing emotional hype for spiritual reality.

We confess
we sometimes dance at your party and eat your food
without acknowledging your presence,
without enabling others to enter into you.

Keep us full of your Holy Spirt, Lord.
Fill us with passion to help everyone we lead enter into you,
To find their place and call
as their hearts are opened to the reality of your presence and their importance!

Pour out your Spirit and release your gifts
even as we worship;
enable us to be instruments of worship-not just players of instruments.
All for your glory, all in Jesus' name.
Lord, let it be.

-Kenn Gulliksen

Thursday, February 12, 2009

100 Songs.

So I saw my brother do this and I liked the idea. So I'm stealing it; but tweaking it a bit... Here we go, my 100 most recently played songs. They're all good, I recommend them to everyone!

1. Dave Barnes : Loving You, Loving Me
2. Adam Watts : How Does It Feel
3. Coldplay : The Hardest Part
4. Maroon 5 : Wake Up Call
5. Kaye West : Paranoid
6. Gavin DeGraw : Medicate the Kids
7. Jason Mraz : Coyotes
8. Rob Blackledge : Beautiful Mistake
9. Andy Davis : Earth and Venus
10. Craig David : Walking Away
11. Blue Merle : Every Ship Must Sail Away
12. Coldplay : Speed of Sound
13. Cute Is What We Aim For : Newport Living
14. Dashboard Confessional : Bend and Not Break
15. Emerson Hart : If You're Gonna Leave
16. Hellogoodbye : Baby, Its Fact
17. The Hush Sound : The Boys Are Too Refined
18. The Hush Sound : Not Your Concern
19. Jack's Mannequin : Dark Blue
20. Dave Barnes : Nothing Else
21. Dave Barnes : Miles To Go
22. Copeland : I'm Safer On An Airplane
23. David Gray : This Years Love
24. David Gray : Babylon
25. Keith Urban : Sweet Thing
26. Keane : Everybody's Changing
27. Keith Urban : I Told You So
28. Kim Walker : Where You Go, I Go
29. Chris Quilala : Your Love Never Fails
30. Lovedrug : Happy Apple Poison
31. Marc Broussard : Let the Music Get Down In Your Soul
32. Maroon 5 : Not Coming Home
33. Matt Wertz : Like the Last Time
34. Matt Wertz : Naturally
35. John Mayer : Belief
36. Jimmy Eat World : Here It Goes
37. Jesse McCartney : Just So You Know
38. Jason Mraz : Curbside Prophet
39. Jason Mraz : Geek In the Pink
40. Jamie Cullum : Twentysomething
41. James Blunt : Wisemen
42. Jon McLaughlin : Amelia's Missing
43. Justin Timberlake : Lovestoned
44. Rob Blackledge : Get Loose
45. Justin Timberlake : What Goes Around
46. Justin Timberlake : Seniorita
47. The Killers : When We Were Young
48. Maroon 5 : The Sun
49. Michael Buble : Me And Mrs. Jones
50. Michael Buble : Everything
51. Matthew West : The Motions
52. Melissa How : All Consuming Fire
53. Michael Jackson : Billie Jean
54. Michael Jackson : Black or White
55. Muse : Starlight
56. Nsync : Do Your Thing
57. Nathan Angelo : Leigh
58. Nathan Angelo : They Ain't Far Behind
59. Jamie Cullum : Mind Trick
60. NeYo - Because of You
61. New Radicals : Mother, We Just Can't Get Enough
62. Oliver James : Long Time Coming
63. OneRepublic : Say (All I Need)
64. OneRepublic : Stop and Stare
65. Paul Wright : South Beach
66. Paul Wright : From Sunrise to Sunset
67. Chris Thile : Wrong Idea
68. Chris Thile : I'm Nowhere and You're Everything
69. Chris Thile : Locking Doors
70. Chris Brown : Forever
71. Ben Folds : Losing Lisa
72. Ben Folds : Adelaide
73. Andy Davis : Fine China
74. Weezer : Island In the Sun
75. The Verve : Bittersweet Symphony
76. Tracy Chapman : Fast Car
77. Steve Means : Take A Look At Yourself
78. The Rocket Summer : Do You Feel
79. The Rocket Summer : All I Have
80. Ryan Cabrera : Shine On
81. The Killers : Somebody Told Me
82. Keane : The Frog Prince
83. Jon McLaughlin : For You From Me
84. Jon McLaughlni : Prayin To the Wrong God
85. John Mayer : Why Georgia
86. The Gabe Dixon Band : Sitting At the Station
87. The Gabe Dixon Band : Expiration Date
88. The Fray : Over My Head
89. Ferras : Hollywood's Not America
90. Daft Punk : Digital Love
91. Daft Punk : Aerodynamic
92. Craig David : Hidden Agenda
93. O.A.R. : Love and Memories
94. The Postal Service : Such Great Heights
95. Phantom Planet : California
96. Aqualung : Brighter Than Sunshine
97. Coldplay : Violet Hill
98. Sara Bareilles : Many the Miles
99. Shawn McDonald : Gravity
100. Snow Patrol : Run

Monday, February 2, 2009

This Is For You, Mom.

Here ya go, Mom! Jonny took this on Sunday. We have a lot more, too, so I'll send them to you. These two were taken during our morning rehearsal.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just want to share this with everyone. I was at Miracle Camp this weekend and had a blast helping with different events and games and hanging with camp friends! Saturday night though, Me and two other friends (Ryan Thill and Frank Colarusso) decided to burry a friends (Adam Sturdavent) car in snow. We didn't really have any special reason that we picked his car over anyone elses, he just happend to have a small car and I knew it was parked all by itself across the road. I'm pretty proud of our prank, so I just wanted to share it with all of you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

God is Good.

Currently, I have no job. I have bills that need paid, but no job. We all know that this situation doesn't work out too well. Being honest, although I love it up here in Detroit, I love my job as a worship leader and the work/planning involved, my job situation is beginning to really discourage me. Thankfully, I have Janurary's bills paid for, but I'm running low on everything else, and I dont have much money left... With all that said, I've been having a tough time the past couple weeks. I keep most things bottled up inside, and unless you know me very well, you probably wouldn't even know that I've been pretty stressed out lately. On the inside, and when I'm alone, the lack of a job/lack of money, is really getting to me. I've been praying constantly that God will give me a job! A good one that pays the bills and gives me the ability to set some money aside to save. I also pray that until I can find a job, that He will give me the funds to be able to pay my bills without having to worry about being late on payments... Well, God is good! The other night, Josh handed me a check. Someone from Evident Church who knows my situation decided to help me out! Its such a blessing! I was blown away! I actually opened it up in front of Josh, and did a pretty good job at keeping my cool while I was with him, but once he went upstairs, I fell to my knees and cried. :) I'm moved to tears now just thinking about it. I am more grateful than you can imagine. I serve an awesome God who loves me and provides for me. Thank you, Jesus.

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:19

I just wanted to share this praise of mine. :) Its encouraged me, and hopefully will encourage you also. God provides! Its not always in ways that we would think, but He comes through, and His timing is PERFECT!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Love Never Fails.

I strongly recommend that you all go out and buy this CD! I'm not sure what stores its available at, but I know you can get it on iTunes, thats where I got it. This CD is great! Its a great worship album! My Brother, Seth actually told me about this one, and I believe we share the same song as our favorite: You Won't Relent. Go buy it. You won't regret it.

Here's a link to listen to You Won't Relent:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flying Sports Cars and Nifty Jackets.

Its 2009!! Gosh! I'm starting to feel old, and I'm only 24! I feel like my life has flown by! Its funny, I remember-what seems like ages ago-when I was younger, my brothers and I liked the Back To the Future movies. I think its in Back To the Future II where Doc and Marty McFly hop in the Delorrian and time travel to the future... 2015. Haha! We aren't quite there yet, but thats only 6 years away! Where's all the flying sports-cars and sky highways? Or those inflatable, auto-drying, re-sizable nifty jackets... or HOVER BOARDS! Now those would be sweet!! -Stay away from the water though! But for real, its 2009, time flies!

I was talking with my brother tonight about worship stuff, trying to get an idea of something to share with my church to lead into the worship set, and of course, being the awesome, worship leading, older brother that he is, he helped me out. I think we tend to overlook what worship really means. What is worship? I feel like the typical answer would be "singing songs to God", right? Yes, and no; it goes deeper than that though. Worship is our outward action of showing God how much he really means to us-how much he's worth.
I Googled the question, "What is Christianity?" The first definition listed was, " a monotheistic system of beliefs and practices based on the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus..." Christianity should be more than just a system of beliefs; more than a religion. Its a relationship! Its not something that is required, rather, its our response to how awesome our God is! Think of all the things that God has given us... Now, how much of that do we deserve? None of it! We don't deserve anything! As humans, we deserve death-its the result of our sin. We are born with it. There's no getting out of it. God, however has given us so much! He's given us everthing! The very breath in our lungs is a gift! What a great reason to worship!
One of the songs that we're singing this morning is I'll Stand by Hillsong. I love this song. The chorus of it goes like this:

I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all
I'll stand, my soul, Lord, to You surrendered
All I am is Yours

Now, they don't know it yet, but I'm going to encourage Evident Church to sing this song in response to everything that God has done for us. Its a new year, just looking back to 2008, God's done countless things for all of us! But I want to focus on the words for a second... Why do we stand when we worship? Standing is a way of showing honor and respect for something or someone. -Makes me think of our American flag, we stand for our flag, we salute it, we honor and respect our country by standing for our flag and singing the national anthem. In the same way, we stand and sing to God in reverence. Why do we lift our hands? Lifting our hands is a sign of surrender or submission. I picture a police officer shouting at a gunman to stick his hands in the air! Or in war, when a handful of soldiers have been caught and surrounded by the enemy, they lift their hands in the air as an act of surrender. Now, God is not our enemy (maybe I picked a some bad examples, lol), but we lift up or hands to show God that we surrender! We give up! Its up to you God, you're in control now. Thats what the song is talking about. But anyway, I'm rambling, and I need to go to bed. Haha! its late. Good night everyone!